Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

Built from various Model T parts, over three years, the motor is a 1916 - which is where the number sixteen on the body is from and why the car is registered as a 1916. 

The body style is known as a "Boattail" and it's metal, not fiberglass. There is a man in Indiana that still hand crafts them. 

The motor has been reworked with a "Z-Head" added for a whopping 27HP with a top speed of around 60mph.  It has the standard Model T 2-speed transmission and Rocky Mountain brakes.

This is our third Model T, I'm sure it won't be the last, as now we have one for all seasons! 

We belong to the Lone Star Model T Club, a Chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America. 

We enjoy participating in local strolls and tours but have the trailered the car to enjoy tours in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado and Wyoming.

We really are enjoying life in the slow lane!