Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

This 2007 Honda Fit was purchased new and has had only one owner in its 7+ years of life. The owner is a meticulous car enthusiast who takes extreme care with every car he's owned. As his daily driver and main form of transportation, it was imperative to maintain a strict maintenance schedule to ensure reliability. Being a car enthusiast, the car didn't remain "stock" for long and a few aftermarket parts started to appear for some personal customization. The car has seen several facelifts and all of the major modifications have been professionally fabricated and installed at Kustomz Unlimited in Garland, TX. Kustomz Unlimited does not cut corners anywhere and is known for their quality builds with their own shop demo car gracing the cover of Truckin' magazine.

The suspension has been swapped out for a custom air suspension due to the poor quality roads and higher ride comfort. The ability to instantly raise or lower the car offered benefits over a static coil spring or coilover suspension for a daily driven car. For those individuals familiar with a lowered vehicle, bottoming out the suspension is something you want to avoid at all costs and the air ride helped prevent just that.

You'll notice that the brakes have been given additional attention as well. While not a particularly heavy car, the Honda Fit has a minimal set of brakes designed to get the job done and to keep the costs down for the end consumer. They got the job done and that's it'nothing more, nothing less. But any road vehicle can benefit from additional stopping power for safety and reliability. Wilwood Engineering was chosen for their proven performance and reliability. Spirited driving demands additional demands on the brake system and the front and rear big brake upgrade gives the driver more confidence and sense of safety. This brake setup is ready to perform double duty on both the street and track and when you see those polished calipers behind the wheels, you know that this car is capable and ready.

At a measly 109 horsepower, the Honda Fit isn't exactly known for gut wrenching torque or slap you back in your seat power. However, this little engine has been outfitted with a turbocharger which made it much more enjoyable to drive. Acceleration is vastly improved and there is absolutely no worry when merging onto a busy freeway. Again, Kustomz Unlimited was chosen to improve upon the turbo kit by fabricating custom one-off pieces such as the beautiful intake manifold, which not only looks nice but improved airflow.

If you're an average person, you'll be content with the factory radio to listen to your morning radio, pop songs, or traffic updates. But this Honda Fit isn't for your average person. The interior and in car entertainment transform your daily commute into an experience in and of itself. Luxurious interior accents include diamond stitch seats and interior panels along with the exquisite rear hatch stereo system with speakers galore. Kustomz Unlimited worked their magic with more "Kustom” fabrication to design something that would complement the build vision of the car and integrate seamlessly with the interior.

It's notable to mention that this car has taken home 12 number of "Best of Show" awards at nationally recognized car show circuit Import Faceoff. Hottest Interior and Hottest I.C.E. awards for HIN. Honda Class First Place was awarded at Wekfest Dallas 2011. Third Best of Show was awarded at Wekfest Austin 2012. This car has made a name for itself as one of the top Honda Fit builds in the nation with additional notable recognition by photographer and blogger Joey Lee aka "stickdiljoe". Wekfest Austin 2012 With all of this notoriety and attention, it's worth it to point out that this Honda Fit was sought out by the editors of Honda Tuning magazine for a feature. Honda Tuning Magazine Most features in the magazine are based on people known within the heart of the import aftermarket industry in California. This Honda Fit, however, was sought out due to its unique build, choice of quality parts, and flawless execution of the owners' vision. Not a small feat by any means, and something to be proud of when owning such a fine machine such as this.

Car enthusiasts fully understand that selling their prized possession will never recoup all the money, time, blood, sweat, and passion poured into a car; but sometimes it's time to move on as life progresses and priorities change. This Honda Fit is available for an individual who is ready to join an elite lifestyle and culture. The chance to own this combination of high quality parts at such an exponential discount will not last long.

- Innovative 75A engine mounts
- Garrett T25 turbocharger
- T1R exhaust manifold
- T1R downpipe
- TiAL wastegate
- HKS SSQV3 blow-off valve
- Nickel-plated intercooler piping
- T1R front-mount intercooler
- Top Speed air filter
- Kustomz Unlimited intake manifold
- RC Engineering 310cc/min fuel injectors
- Summit Racing oil cooler
- Fast Hose fuel fittings and lines
- Skunk2 short shifter
- SPEC Stage 3 clutch
- Kustomz Unlimited engine bay cover
- Top Speed oil catch can
- T1R radiator hoses
- T1R radiator cap
- T1R oil cap
- T1R hood damper
- A-Spec B-pipe
- A&J Racing titanium exhaust

- Custom airbag suspension
- Ingalls camber adjustment bolts
- Cusco front strut bar
- Cusco rear shock tower bar
- Progress rear antisway bar
- T1R carbon-fiber C-pillar bar

- Wilwood 12-inch rotors
- Wilwood six-piston calipers, front
- Wilwood single-piston calipers, rear
- T1R rear disc conversion kit
- Wilwood steel braided lines

Wheels and Tires
- xxr 535 17x8.25 +20
- 205/40-17 Toyo Proxes
- 20mm spacers
- Project Kics Caliber lug nuts

- HID 8000k headlights
- Custom blue tint
- J's Racing front spoiler
- JDM Fit Type S front-end conversion
- JDM Fit LED taillights
- JDM Fit Type S rear bumper
- JDM Fit Type S side skirts
- Honda Access window visors
- Type-V rear spoiler
- Carbon-fiber rear wiper delete
- Front carbon-fiber duct
- Noblesse rear diffuser

- Custom blue-diamond-stitched interior
- T1R burnt shift knob
- Mugen shift boot
- GReddy turbo timer
- GReddy boost controller
- GReddy boost gauge
- AEM UEGO wideband gauge
- Sony Xplod audio

Kustomz Unlimited, William Ho, A&J Racing, Top Speed, NOS Energy Drinks, Underground Graphics, Wilwood Engineering, SPEC Clutch, Sony Spotlight, Jotech Motorsports