Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

It started in February 2010 when my son and I was working on his truck, and he said it was time to do a Chevelle or a Nova. He liked both of those cars.

March 31, 2010 was the last time we saw him. He was hit and killed by a lady drinking and texting. So, in May 2010 my wife and I went looking for one of those cars.

We found a Nova, but we did not think it was what he was looking for, so we while were walking away, I looked over and I saw a 71 Chevelle put way back in the corner. I asked the guy if it was for sale. He said it was not his, so I asked him to call the owner to see. I then told the owner about my son and he said that he would sell it to me.

It was more of a race car than a street car so I started turning it to a show car. It had a 468 motor that ran great. We first went looking for a custom painter and air brusher. After about a month, we found Jeff Hogan from Harason, Mi. He came down to our house and then told us my son was to hard to air brush. After an hour he said he could do what we were asking for and that is where the hood and the trunk got painted.

We then got on eBay and started buying all new parts seats, chrome… you name it, I got it. For the last three winters, I was putting more and more new pats on it, new rims, and tires, and a new 496. Now when people see this car around they love it, and we started to tell how and why the car looks like this.

In 2009 my son made a toy Chevelle that looks a lot like what we did. Now he is still with us in the car. We just take it to shows and just love talking about the good old days he and I had working on cars. The car has won over 23 car shows. Three times a year, at the same time we park it on the road where he got killed and clean the road for him.