Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

My 1967 Chevrolet Camaro
"I am The Original Owner"

Car was purchased in Minneapolis, Minnesota July 12th 1967 with a purchase price of $2586.60

Little did I know at the time that I would end up keeping the Camaro for more than 47 years.

Camaro, 37 years later, prior to the start of the Frame on Restoration November 4th 2004.

The Frame on Restoration process continued through March of 2005 with other work continuing on and off into 2011 such as a Front Desk Brake conversion, new stance with new front coil and rear leaf Springs

My new 350 C"/330 HP Engine

December 2011 brought in a new 350 HO Cubic Inch/330 HP, GM High Performance Crate Engine, also installd a new Edelbrock Endurashine Intake Manifold along with a new Pipes Exhaust system.

This goes along with my Muncie M21 Transmission which drives the 3.55" Richmond Positraction rear end.

I installed power steering recently which was a great upgrade.