Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

- Air brush painted
- 572 ci. supercharced with electronic fuel injection
- 1125 hp, power steering
- Tilt steering wheel
- Baer 6 piston power ABS electric breaks with 14 in rotators
- A/C
- Power windows
- Paddle shifting 4 speed 4L65 E automatic transmission with 2500 RPM stall converter
- Bluetooth
- Custom dash (curved instead of square stock)
- The dash, head liner and package tray is Marquise Design
- Chris Alston's Chassis Works frame
- Air ride suspension
- Tubed in rear end for large tire
- 2006 GTO electric seats front and rear
- PTS carbon fiber drive shaft
- LED remote lighting inside that changes colors with outside LED lights around headlights and tail lights
- Dodge Viper Snake Skin Green
- And much more...