Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

1999 Ford Mustang GT
- 4.6L 2v with T45 transmission
- Third owner, rescued from California and saved by Texas
- Has served as trusty war horse/ daily driver/ designated driver since purchase
- Currently being modified to Mad Max apocalyptic scenario specifications
- Can survive harsh road conditions of DFW freeways
- Invented time travel but thought it was too much fame and gave it to Delorean
- Is registered as a car voter
- Identifies as a fuel efficient, eco friendly non-spectator eating vehicle
- Has appeared on owner's nonfamous facebook page
- Can get heads turning and people smiling
- Likes romantic drives into the sunset, and veering into traffic because you can't see with the sun in your eyes
- Loves to have money spent on it and see some results, sometimes
- Enjoys snapping clutch cables in stop and go traffic
- Was rated by craigslist as the coveted "nobody wants that car" award, 4yrs running
- Has power windows, locks, AC, Heater, and a radio
- Has completed more jumps than the virtual mustang on Forza
- Supports Military, Police and Fire
- Has been complimented on its rear end by like, alot of people
- Can achieve highway speeds as fast as the owner can afford the gas
- Runs on the fuel saved by hybrids
- Death race and Mad Max; Fury road are it's guilty pleasures
- Is dating a Kia Forte at the moment, but nothing serious
- Supports the Empire against the rebellion
- Doesn't like transformers because they snubbed out the Mustang after the first one
- Can recite its firing order with minor mistakes
- Can pull off the "white after labor day" look
- Single handedly helped defeat the Covenant in 2552
- Survived Klendathu battle: Operation Bug house
- Chitty chitty bang bang is based off of this car
- Gets 1st place in Mario cart
Made a beach assault against a cliff, and won
The Stig learned stick on this car
Has more of a personality than Herbie the Love bug
Beat Grease Lightning, in reverse
Gave the pushbar idea to Bo and Luke Duke
Only car certified to be launched via catapult on a Aircraft Carrier
Duke Nukem lost a bid on this car
Made the Kessel run in the legal 18 parsec's unlike the cheating Solo
Drove up Mt Everest on 1 tank of gas
Can withstand Velociraptor attacks since they couldn't open the door
Jay Leno once nodded at this car, and it gained 500bhp