Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

1970 Camaro-600+ horse power-11sec car 1/4 mile-Mighty Mouse II-Blue
This is a family owned race car from Ohio passed from my Aunt to me.
My cousin raced it and then the car has sat and now my dream of drag racing is coming true.
Hope to be racing it in 2017. Update from on details
14 to 1 Compression port and Polished
9" 5500 Stall Speed Converter
543 Richman Rea rend 9inch
Steel Rods and Crank
690 Lift on Intake
Roller rockers and roller lifters
205 Intake valves
7600 RMP
Big Block Headers with custom plate
2 speed Powerglide
The engine was build by a gentleman who built race boat engines