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1967 Lotus Europa
49k Original Miles
1 of 102

Documentation from Lotus Stating this car is a 1968 model. Due to emissions laws in the U.S. at the time, the 1968 model year was cut short in production prior to Feb 1968, registered as 1967's and imported to the U.S. I have in hand the documentation from Lotus stating this is in fact a 1968 Car.

On the Lotus registry, of the 102 produced, roughly 45% of this run of Europa's have been registered world wide. 24 of which have popped up in the U.S. This one is the only one I am aware of that has this documentation accompanying it, making it possibly the only 1968 "documented" Europa in the U.S.

The car at Purchase came in at a price of $3995.00 (this included a dial radio and speaker as well as upgraded Cosmic aluminum alloy wheels)

The car remains mostly stock. In 2001 I took possession of the car from a family member who owned it since new. The car has been repainted twice, once from a wreck in an autocross event in the early 1970's that damaged the front end and once in 2004 during a lite cosmetic restoration. The paint code is original LO7 (Lotus Yellow)

Mods to the car from the 1970's autocross days include a Webber 2 barrel side mount carb with racing exhaust taking the car from a stock 82hp to 113hp after tuning. The engine was overhauled in 2004 with just 45425 miles on it.

Mods from current day include Polk Audio speakers and a Sony head unit.

During the lite restoration in 2004, new Koni coil overs were placed on the car, new brake pads and rotors, a custom built radiator, engine rebuild to stock specs, fresh paint(which needs done again 12 years later) and new carpet for the interior. The rest of the car remains original and amazingly still functional. (dash and components, seats, wiring, all original) (the original dial radio and speaker are still in hand and could be put back into the car for an all original appearance if needed)

Wheels were looking rough so they were deep cleaned and powder coated high gloss black. (emblems for the center caps have not yet been made)

This little four speed is very fun to drive, even with no power steering, it is so lite coming in at 1356lbs all in. With such a low weight, the low HP does not hamper performance. The old four speed transmission gets you to 100mph fairly quick but she's about at of juice at that point, no worries though, you don't have to slow down for the turns as a low slung Lotus it handles like no other.