Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

2000 Dodge Viper GTS
30k original miles
All Stock with two tone Brown leather interior.
Have owned the car since May 2016. Purchased with 25k miles on it and have been burning the Michelin pilot sports off of it ever since. Traded a heavily modified 2001 Z06 in on this Viper. Although the Z06 would eat this thing up in a straight line, nothing beats the look and feel of driving the Viper GTS. Ever time you take it out of the garage it's a car show. People at red lights hang out windows, it's hard to leave gas station because it draws so much attention. I really am impressed with how well this car handles with the combination of the Koni adjustable and the pilot sport tires. Not a lot of forgiveness though, once the tires start talking to you she's gonna let go, but, that's a hard point to reach. The 6 speed in this car, let's be honest, it's about as brutal as if you were driving a stick shift locomotive train, if you don't have legs built for the world's strongest man competition the clutch will wear you out its so heavy(it's neutral at every red light or your leg will hit muscle failure holding it in). 6th hear? Why did they bother!!!! It's only good for hwy cruising fuel mileage, otherwise, consider this car a 5 speed. The power plant.....how often do you get to say you drive an 8.0L??!! Although it's a 2000 model, it still holds its own with a mountain of torque and is fairly peppy, even against some of today's toys. The V10 produces a beautiful sound track not to often heard on the streets today.

The Viper GTS body....work of art. People always comment it is the best body, I have to agree.

I have only had it around the 150mph mark, feels like that V10 just can't be phased, only gets stronger as you go.

I haven't had it long, but intend to keep it in the inventory for a while. I did do one modification, I put in a new shift knob, I think it added about 80rwhp...... not really.....