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So, I'm thinking about selling my 1970 Opel GT. I've had this car since early 2016 and I've worked hard to restore it. I've done a lot of work to it and it has passed inspection here in Texas. Here's a list of things that have been done over the last couple of months...
- Total body restore, new paint and no dents, dings or rust on the body.
- Cleaned headlight actuators and rewired headlights (that's a big deal on these).
- Replaced carb with an electric choke Weber. Runs great!
- Changed all of the fluids (oil, transmission, & rear end).
- New Master Cylinder, rebuilt brake calipers and wheel cylinders. I have a new brake booster, but haven't put it on yet.
- New Battery and battery tray.
- New clutch cable.
- Purchased stock wheels and restored them.
- New seals around all of the windows/doors.
- New ball joints, still needs to be aligned.
- New muffler, the rest of the exhaust is solid.
- New alternator.
- New tires.
- New front turn signal lights.
Still needs...
- New brake booster and valve (I have these, but haven't had time to put them on yet).
- New water pump (I have this too).
- New Heater core (it's bypassed right now and I have a used one that I haven't inspected or put in yet).
- New boot for the shift lever (I have this too, but haven't put it on yet).
Interior is in fantastic condition for a car of this age. There is a small tear in the upper corner of the driver's seat and the carpet on the driver's side floor needs to be replaced (or just covered with a floor mat). Otherwise this has one of the best original interiors that I've seen for a car of this age.
Please let me know if you're interested. I would really like to get around $8,500 for it. I really don't want to sell it, but maybe I can buy it back later if someone from East Texas gets it :-).
Feel free to comment or send me a message. Thanks!

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