Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

This 2015 Flying Delorean Time Machine Series replica is custom built by Bruce Coulombe and his team of Artisans at Coulombe Enterprises LLC in Oviedo Florida. This iconic vehicle is from the first BTTF Trilogy. It is not only movie screen accurate, but has been outfitted with amazing audio and visual electronic special effects as seen used on the infamous movie car with programmable Time Departure Circuits, Fluxing Flux Capacitor, Back-up camera and monitor, Mr. Fusion Reactor with reactor Lid suction when opened and closed, Time Travel Mode, 12 Channel wireless remote activation, 4 Hover wheels with white plasma illumination and expelling fog, 2 rows of green pulsating plasma landing lights, Audio bytes form Doc, Marty, Biff, music, Full Avionics Bay with Power Distribution, Fuses, Power Supply, Audio and many other effects. These special effects (FX) were designed by Bruce Coulombe, a former NASA engineer, are unsurpassed and have not been incorporated on any other Delorean Time Machine replica other than those made by Bruce Coulombe and his team at Coulombe Enterprises LLC.

Go to our website www.DeloreanTimeMachines.com and watch our amazing videos, look at our photos and see for yourself the mesmerizing interactive FX, Extensive research, Detailed craftsmanship and development that goes into each project Coulombe Enterprises undertakes. We strive to recreate in exact detail, a distinctive category of the most sought after iconic replicas. Our vehicles have had the honor of being sold and displayed all over the world, used onsite at Universal Studios, driven by many famous celebrities, used on Hollywood type red carpet events, seen on TV talk shows, commercials and national news.

Coulombe Enterprises, LLC “ Today Tomorrow and Beyond”!