Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

Owner: Anders Bergman
Located in: Stockholm Sweden
Make: DeLorean
Model: DMC12
VIN: 16028
Manufacturer: DeLorean Motor Company
Creator: John Z DeLorean
Design: Giorgetto Giugiaro (Lotus)
Year: 1983 (built Dec 1982)
Manufactured: 1981-1982
Manufacturing country: Northern Ireland
Numbers made: 9000
Engine: PRV6 2.8L V6, rear
Fuel: Petrol, mechanical injection
Horse powers: 130
Gearbox: 3 speed automatic (5 speed manual also available)
Frame: Double-Y fishbone (Lotus) Chassis: fiberglass
Body: Stainless steel
Weight: 1200 kg
Height 111 cm
Other: Gullwing doors, different size rear and front tires, the rear louvre
Used in the BTTF trilogy from 1985.
Retail price 1981: $25 000
Website: www.stockholmdelorean.com
Instagram: @stockholmdelorean

I have wanted a DeLorean for almost 20 years. I remember talking to a motorhead friend about how we both loved classic cars, but the whole rock-n-roll thing around 40s and 50s cars was a bit too much lifestyle where we lived at the moment. If you had one of those cars, cruising, beer and Elvis was part of the deal. Considering I grew up in the 80s we assumed I liked the DeLorean. I didn’t know much of it back then, but started to look it up. I immediately realized it was exactly what I had been looking for: A car as iconic as any Chevy, Studebaker or Cadillac, but from my own era of influences and music. The story behind it just peaked my interest. I was in my 20s, absolutely didn’t have the means to get one, or anywhere to keep it. No garage, living in an downtown apartment, and no real knowledge of cars and engineering, even though my brother was a car guy and I had tore down a few German moped engines in my teens.

I read what I could find about the car, but it wasn’t until years later I actually saw one for the first time, parked basically outside my apartment. Coming home a late Saturday night after a few beers, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was cooler than I had ever imagined! So low. So... unique! I knew I had to have one.

There was a DeLorean community in Sweden at the time, I joined and soon became webmaster wanting to learn more and hopefully find one for sale one day. I went to the clubs meetings and even traveled to Ireland when the DeLorean turned 25 and there was a big event in Belfast and Dunmurry where the car was built. It was there I also got to ride in one for the first time, as owners let visitors join in when they ran the original test track outside the factory.

Years went by, I was still very much in love with the car. I had several models of it both at home and work, used it as computer and phone wall papers and still knew that some day I would have one. But it is very rare to see one for sale in Sweden, I have seen one maybe every 2-3 years! Of course you can import, but from the US it is fairly expensive and complicated, and even in Europe it's tricky if you want to go see the car before you purchase it. I was fairly close to actually purchase one a few years back, but I was on vacation abroad and before I even got back home it was sold.

Then, at the end of 2017, I had seen one listed at a dealership in Sweden for several months. It started out with no price tag at all, then a very substantial one, but towards the end of the year, they actually lowered the price several times. And I also I came across some inherited money when they lowered it to the same amount I had promised myself I would pay for the car, if I could haggle it down. I called the dealership up, asked as many clever questions I sold, and when it also turned out they could actually deliver the car to my doorstep the very next day (it was located some 350 miles away from me) I just went for it! I had never even driven one! But it arrived as promised, it ran fine, was quite worn, a lot of things had not been dealt with during the 35 years since the car was built, but the engine and gearbox seemed ok, the body was in really good condition without dents, and the rest I hope I can fix over time. So I have spent the winter on YouTube, blogs, Facebook groups and online communities, re-doing things I could take from the garage to my apartment, like the seats, rusty window motors, faulty buttons and broken plastic details like vents and ash tray. As spring came I could finally take it out, drive it around and go over everything else that needs to be fixed. But almost all parts are still available, some are being reproduced, and there is a very helpful community around the car, without which I would never have been able to learn so much during this short time.

Attached are some pics from when I bought the car, where I kept it in the garage during winter, all the way to my very first car show (it is me in black under the door in one pic, and my daughter with friend sitting in it during the car show). During this time I have redone the seats, fixed the electric windows, dismantled the AC blower motor, swapped bulbs for LEDs, sorted out all fuses, washed the carpets, replaced the windshield washer pump, cleaned out the vents, refurbished the ashtray, fixed the hand brake, fixed the non-working headlights, and indicators etc etc.

I even built a cheap flux capacitor out of an IKEA box and a xmas light, just to be able to point at is, since everyone asks where it is.