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The Carpool DeVille, The World's Fastest Hot Tub, is a 1969 Cadillac DeVille, 472 cubic inch V8 and custom 370 gallon hot tub.
A 1969 Cadillac DeVille outfitted with a 370 gallon custom hot tub. The stock 472 cu. in. V8 not only propels the Carpool Deville - it also heats it up!

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CNN: Is this the world's fastest hot tub? www.cnn.com/videos/us/2014/08/29/fastest-hot-tub-carpool-deville-orig-mg.cnn
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It is what it looks like, if what it looks like is a nice way to take a drive in a hot tub. This is the dream of Carpool DeVille: That a fully functional hot tub can be wed with an appropriately modified sedan to achieve a thrilling, seamless marriage of these two great American pastimes.

This idea originated in 1996 with a prototype built into an abandoned '82 Chevy Malibu. Concepts like marine-throttle control, tub-water re-coup of engine waste heat and DC/AC inversion to run a spa pump out of the trunk were all tested to a remarkable success, while notes were taken about deficiencies in suspension and the water lost to sloshing. A full decade of fix-and-fill hot-tub-car-parties with this original carpool provided all the R&D that would be required.

In 2008, a selection was made out of a '69 Cadillac DeVille. 1969 may well have been Detroit's (ahem) high-water mark for automotive design: The absolute pinnacle of American auto-largess, when the public craved every larger cars, and the cars required ever-larger engines. This hot tub is founded on extra steel and lots of power.

To Bonneville, with love
In August of 2014, we took the Carpool DeVille to the historic Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to set the land speed record for the "World's Fastest Hot Tub". Due to historic flooding, the official race event - known as 'Speed Week' - was cancelled for the first time in years. Undaunted, we set our own course, and clocked the Carpool DeVille reaching a speed of 50 mph. Official verification of this record attempt is still pending by the Guinness authorities, though they have since created a category called, 'Fastest Motorized Hot Tub' around the design of the Carpool DeVille. Seriously.