Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

I found this sweet 1958 Plymouth Belvedere on Craigslist. The previous owner got it looking like she does but needed brake work and other things. I traded a 1960 Ford Truck for it. I fixed a gas leak and drive her as much as I can.

He never took it to a show or even out but once the entire 3 years he owned it. It's 95% restored and is still a work in progress

It has the original 318 poly and push button automatic transmission.

- In the original Christine book by Stephen King, Christine is a 4 door, but it's a Fury and they didn't produce a 4 door Fury so in the movie they used 2 door cars.
- Furys also didn't come in red. Suppose to be a special ordered one off in the book. In reality all Furys were beige and gold, so they used Belvederes badged as Furys in the movie.