Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

The Batmobile V7 (version 7) is the culmination of multiple movie car replica projects. This car was designed on the premiss that Batman would have a hard time driving something as large as the 1989 Keaton Batmobile given it's sheer length alone. This car was built for speed and maneuverability and high pursuit or escape. Maxing out at 700+ HP this twin turbo-ed beast has been fitted with several modifications befitting Batman's go to vehicle. A working turbine sits up front with lasers and missiles flanking each side. Hood mounted Gatling guns complete the armory up front. Mirage paint acts as a stealth Radar, LiDar, and Laser countermeasure. Twin mini missile turrets mount in the rear and have a 360 degree radius of firing solutions. And what Batmobile would be complete without a rear afterburner? The interior is loaded with multiple internet connected devices to handle tasks from simple navigation to complex engine diagnostics.