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1963 Ford Falcon road race car
Aaron Kaufman's protouring 1963 Ford Falcon Road Race car from Fast and Loud.
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The car is “as raced” in the 100 year anniversary of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2016.
All systems are functional and is street legal in Texas. I currently do not have it registered or inspected but it is insured. The belts are out of date but this an easy cure. The car will run on 93octane but it prefers 100+
It has rock chips and cracks and little dents here and there. This car was never a driver car it has always been a race car since its most recent build. The wear on the car is honest and reflects the use of the machine. This car has raced the Big Bend Open Road Race once and raced at ppihc three times now. it has been used at various other exhibition events as well.

As for the equipment i’ll hit the highlights
363ci 3rd ten boss sbf 500hp
msd ignition
holley 750cfm hp series carb.
underdrive pullies

richmond super T10 trans (4spd)
Quicktime bellhousing
Mcleod RST clutch
Ram slave

Mark Willaims 9” trussed
nodular Iorn center with 4.00 gears and detroit locker
alum. center with 3.00 gears and TruTrac
31 spline

The Exhaust is all stainless from head to tip
headers are tri Y style with o2 sensors and 3” bands
the remainder is 3” with a true X and straight though magna flow muffs

Ron Davis radiator with dual fans

The front suspension is global west with Ridetech triple adj coilovers
the rear is Ridetech lower control arms and the addition of a third link mounted to the top of the housing. the rear also uses a Chris Alston sway bar and is controlled by another pair of Ridetech triple adj coilovers.

the brake system utilizes wilwood master cylinders on a balance bar packaged with the clutch master. the bias adjuster is mounted just aft of the shifter. the front brakes are 14” rotors with 6 piston calipers and wilwood hubs
the rears are 13” rotors with 4 piston calipers and internal park brake.

*Note this is a manual steering and braking car (not power)

The Falcon rides on 18x8 and 18x9 Forgeline Wheels which I have two sets
with 245/40/18 and 275/40/18 Nitto NT01 competition tires

Safety both driver and passenger have 5 point harnesses and race seats both windows are netted and there is an on board halon system and quick release steering wheel with collapsable column. the car meets tech requirements for unlimited classes at BBORR and I've never had a single issue at PPIHC
in addition to the cage this car also has a perimeter frame as well.

electronics are Racepack dash and data acquisition and the management of the car is handled through race pack smart wire.

The car sports most of its original trim, all but a few things that have been deleted. The car is all steel. Hood, Deck lid, doors, bumpers are all steel and the car has all of its glass and regulators and handles on the doors. No driver and gear she weighs 3000 lbs and could stand to lose a few.


Under the hood is a 363ci Boss small-block Ford engine producing 500 hp, but more power is on the way. GMG has plans to add a blower and fuel injection. The engine has just 3155 lbs to move around thanks to a completely stripped-out interior with a race-spec roll cage.

Modern touches include racing bucket seats with five-point harnesses, a Racepak digital readout, racing fuel cell, LED light bar, Wilwood braking system, Ride Tech adjustable suspension, and 18-inch Forgeline wheels wrapped with Toyo R888s. As a package, it's achingly cool.

Excerpt from Road and Track
By James Wolfcale March 21, 2014
(Click Here: roadandtrack.com)