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1979 Ford LTD
FOR SALE: Price: $39,900 - Contact Carlyle Motors, LLC - Houston, Texas

VIN #: 9U74H174483
Mileage: 58600
Trans: Auto

After a failed roadtrip to Walley World, Clark W. Griswold has decided to sell his 'Family Truckster' to fund his families' next vacation. I hear they are going to Europe.

Okay, so Clark W. Griswold isn't real, but the car is, and it may have been used in the filming of the movie (hopefully not in the sequence where it flies off into the desert).

So, if you are a fan of the National Lampoon Vacation series starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo, Carlyle Motors in Houston, Texas is giving you a shot at buying a 1979 Ford LTD Wagon...

aka 'The Family Truckster'.

Although this particular car is believed to be used in the filming of the movie, there is no documentation that comes with the car.

BUT, this car is very well known and went through Mecum Auction right here in Houston, Texas in April of 2014.

Complete with vintage luggage for the roof, a dog leash and a Walley World bumper sticker on the bumper, this car is a very good example of the Family Truckster.

The paint is in average shape, there are multiple dings, dents and blemishes and this car has been so distastefully done, you will simply love it and turn heads every where you go!

And of course..."you think you hate it now, but wait until you drive it"...

"Sorry folks, parks closed!"

Call us at 713-466-8630 or on our cell phone at 832-289-5750 to claim this piece of American Movie History.

Carlyle Motors, LLC
Houston, Texas
Price: $39,900

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