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MONSTER GARAGE GRIM RIPPER - 50's Cadillac Hearse with Backhoe - $13,500
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Up for sale is a piece of television history and possibly the coolest halloween decoration ever: This 50's cadillac hearse was turned into the ultimate all-in-one funeral service by Jesse James on Monster Garage. The episode aired October 27th, season 2 episode 7. It's honestly hard to answer questions about this car. If you want to know specifics, watch the episode. Car was bought at Barrett Jackson in 2008 along with 9 other Monster Garage cars.

- Car is as is, we provide no guarantee of car running/working as described in show.
- These cars were made in 6 days essentially. It isn't perfect, but with some work it should function close to how they did on the show.
- Price is OBO.
- Sold on Bill of Sale only. Cash only, no checks. Buyer is responsible for picking car up.
- Car will only be shown in rare circumstances. If you come to see it, you better be prepared to buy it.

If you're interested in another Monster Garage car, we are the largest collection of cars from the show. Text me what car you're looking for and we might have it. We are willing to make deals on selling multiple cars together, as this collection deserves to stay as together as possible.

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Sold for $7,700.00 at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2008, Lot #1533.1.
To see the auction listing (Click Here: barrett-jackson.com)

VIN 548626798

Summary :With a Bobcat mounted to the back, and exhaust loud enough to wake the dead, this is one sweet ride you'll be dying to get into. Sold on a Bill of Sale only. Special conditions apply.

Monster Garage suffered its first failure with the Grim Ripper build. Immediately, discussion boards filled up with posts that the guys should be given a second chance. The original team was assembled to build the ultimate corpse delivery vehicle. Doran Hirschkorn returned to Monster Garage after the previous attempt failed. "I jumped at the chance to come back on the show. There were dozens of times I thought about what I would have done differently if I had another chance, so when they called I didn't hesitate to jump back on a plane and come out for another shot." Hirschkorn, a Bobcat manufacturing engineer, says aside from getting the hydraulics for the Bobcat arm to work, his biggest challenge in this build was fitting the backhoe into the hearse. "The backhoe frame was too wide to fit inside the car's frame, so the ends had to be torched off and reinforced. I spent 2 days just cutting through the material and welding it back together. It took more time than I expected, but we all put in a bunch of overtime on this project." THE TEAM: Jesse James, custom-bike builder/designer, West Coast Choppers, Long Beach, CA, George Barris, custom-car designer, Barris Kustom Industries, North Hollywood, CA, Mike Desmond, custom-car designer, MAD Machines, Long Beach, CA, Tim Conder, mechanic and motorcycle customizer, Seattle, WA, Jose Gonzalez, heavy-equipment tech, Yale/Chase, Long Beach, CA, Bart Grande, software consultant, Carlsbad, CA, Doran Hirschkorn, Bobcat manufacturing engineer, Bismarck, ND, and Steve "Tombstone" Sterle, horror-prop manufacturer, Hollywood Tombstones, Woodland Hills, CA. VEHICLE SPECS: Height: 70"; Width: 77"; Length: 21'; Length With Parts Extended: 30'; Ground Clearance: 2"; Weight: approximately 4,000 pounds. Paint: By Mike Lavallee, Killer Paint, Snohomish, WA. Hydraulics: A belt-driven pump on the motor builds up pressure for the hydraulics operating the Bobcat arm. Special Welds: Includes welding the plow to the car's front end and the Bobcat loader to the back end. Additional Acquired or Machined Parts: Includes a 9' Bobcat loader (for digging the grave), a bungee-cord catapult contraption (for delivering the casket) and a plow (for filling in the grave). **SOLD ON A BILL OF SALE. SPECIAL CONDITIONS APPLY**

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