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1970 Chevrolet Camaro Dirt Track Stock Car from "Six Pack"
This car is a 1970 Camaro with a Howe # 3 Chassis and is a true race car. The engine is a small block 383 ci Rayburn race engine.

It was built with and automatic to make it easy for Kenny Rogers. Kenny did most of the driving in the racing sence's. The making of the movie is featured in the December 1982 Super Chevy magazine listed under featured story "Six Pack - It's not just another racing movie". Featured in the Twentieth Century Fox movie is Kenny Rogers as Brewster Baker, Diane Lane, Erin Gray, and the Six Pack crew of kids.

Kenny wrote the song "Love Will Turn You Around" for this movie and it was #1 in 1983. ERLT made a very popular hot wheels car which is now a collectors item. The original movie poster with the car is 4'X3' and framed with other pictures featuring the car.


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