Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

FROM AN ARTICLE IN Texas Street Fame Magazine,
When Fine Art and Auto Culture Collide

Unlike most show vehicle builders David Angenend of Austin, Texas started off this venture at this local Subaru dealership. In April of 2001, he purchased the Subaru WRX you see before your eyes, immediately after signing the dotted line (literally) David drove his fresh WRX straight into the installation bay where it has seen multiple transformations before the completed state below.

First on the agenda was to get the performance aspect of the Subaru tucked under his belt. Instead of going with the usual bolt on performance parts Dave actually dove right into the engines displacement, converting the lower block of the engine from a 2.0 Liter to a beefy 2.5 STI shortblock w 2.0L Heads. With this conversion David can run elevated boost levels without fears of damaging the almost bullet proof STI block.

To create new strong elevated boost levels a Power Enterprises PE1820 Turbo was matted to the exhaust manifold. For better air flow and more performance Turbo XS intake, front mount intercooler, blow-off valve, Perrin inlet and up pipes. For exhaust components a Borla Header, with custom 3” Exhaust w/ divorced down pipe was installed as well. To help cool the engines extreme temperatures a Snow Performance Methanol Injection kit was installed to cool the engine temperatures during extreme driving conditions. With all these modifications to the engine, David confidently produced 339HP and 362 Ft-lbs hof Torque on the Dynometer, not bad for a daily driver, Needless to say almost ever aspect of this vehicle has been altered and finessed to create an extreme rolling business card.

No vehicle of this caliber could be without a high end audio system to complement the eccentric outer appearance. David has tinkered with different multi channeled (5.1) audio systems for cars for several years. After he created his first 5.1 DVD Audio system, David swore up and down that he”ll never go back, in terms of high end audio competition setups. Which almost eliminate the use of the vehicle for daily use.

When it comes to high quality sound, you really can’t beat 5.1 surround. David personally has run five different 5.1 variations in this vehicle over the years. Consistently refining and tuning the systems design to produce accurate, crisp harmony. Fo high quality components needed to produce this high level of sound quality, David opted for Morel and Zapco.

These two companies have been leaders in the industry for over 35 years. The particular selection of system components from the manufacturers really creates a spectacular listening experience. When it came time for a paint makeover, David knew he wanted to push the canvas beyond any other traditional custom paint jobs seen around the show seen. The concept started with David’s love for Japanese Koi Tattoos and Art for years.
For the task of creating this work of art, Sideways AutoSalons very own resident artist and pinstriper Cindy “Crash” Raschke, rose to the occasion. She has always dreamed of being able to work with a complete vehicle as her art canvas

With very few suggestions from David, Cindy was let loose with her paint brush in hand and various hues of paint. Unlike ordinarily sprayed or air brushed paint jobs which have no underlying textures to eliminate in the clear coat process. There was no guarantee that the clear coat would adequately cover the brush strokes without a negative chemical reaction. Another key factor is that this is not only David’s Rolling Business Card but daily driven vehicle. Yes, let me say it on more time – DAILY DRIVEN. I can only assume what you all are thinking after hearing that. What can I say? The man loves his car! Wouldn’t you?

With a lot of patience Cindy worked for 4 months to complete the work of art seen below. Talented in her craft, Cindy’s paint job came out miraculously and definitely has pushed the limits of custom paint in the custom vehicle show scene to the extreme. Look for David’s masterpiece at art galleries and cars show around the Lone Star State.
David would like to send a special thanks to a few people that really helped with the execution of this absolute work of art… Robert and Bob Rugani at Zapco, Morel, Compustar, Van Black at Audio, Mario Hernandez at Transtar, Long and Lu at 5star Auto, Mai at www.4maifans.com, Team Import AllStars, Greg and Wes at Underground Graphics, Jennifer Newman at NOS Energy Drink, and Taylor Blair at Blair Graphics.

- 5.1 SACD/Dolby ProLogic II Audio System (with Discreet Amplification)
- Sony XAVAW1 Headunit
- Zapco DRC-SL DSP controller
- Zapco DSP6-SL 6 channel DSP Processor
- Zapco 200.2 (5)
- Zapco 500.1 (1) amplifiers
- Morel Integra Ovation 6 center channel
- Morel Integra Ovation 4+
- Hybrid Ovation 6 Front L & R
- Morel Integra Ovation 5 rear surround
- Morel Ultimo 12 subwoofer
- Hooker Audio wiring
- Zapco Symbilink Signal System
- Dynamat sound damping material

- Owner: David Angenend
- Home Town: Austin, Texas
- Daily Grind: Sideways AutoSalon – Car Audio/Stylin
- Website: SidewaysAutoSalon.com
- Dyno Horsepower: 339HP/362WTQ
- Engine Spec: 2.5L
- Engine Performance: 2.5I STI short block/2.0I wrx Heads swap, Power Enterprise PE1820 turbo, Turbo XS intake, fmic & bov, Perrin turbo inlet & uppipe, Borla header, custom 3” tbe w/ divorced downpipe, Snow Performance Methanol Injectioin, GM boost solenoid, Samco hoses
- Wheels and Tires: R74 18x8 with Nexen n7000 225/40/18 tires, Custom Powdercoated to match
- Suspesion/Brakes: JIC FLT2 coilovers, Whiteline strut tie bars (front &rear), Cusco sway bars (front & rear), Cusco H-Brace, Whiteline Anti Lift Kit, AEM big brake upgrade front, DBA drilled and slotted rotors rear
- Interior: Suede headliner, Door panel inserts & rear deck. Hand painted center channel & door inserts, Yonaka front seats w/ Sarco brackets, led lighting by Varad
- Exterior: Headlight conversion, Seibon CWIII carbon hood, Kamanari lip kit
- Team: Import AllStars – www.ImportAllstarts.com