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57 Chevy Convertible Barn find stored 52 Years interesting history Clean ragtop

WOW.... the ultimate in original vintage drag cars.... This 1957 was raced in the early 60's, then parked and put into storage with a car cover over it when it was less then 10 years old. A neighbor tried to purchase the car for years and was the only one who knew what was under the cover. Finally in 1989 he was able to convince the ol'timer to sell him the car, Unfortunately the next owner never did anything with the car except look at it. The title shows 40k miles and its believed to be correct. There is no motor or trans since the ol'timer launched the motor racing back in 1962! The car still wears most of the original paint and lettering from in the hay days of racing... Alot of the original lettering & decals are checked and shows the prominence of a vintage drag car....the interior is just like it was redone in the 1960's! This car is not cheap due to its history, and condition....so please bid accordingly!!! the car will be shipped with rollers in place of the wide whites and dog dish caps, the wheels that were on the car had 1962 D.O.T. numbers and would not hold air.