Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

The world's first and only street legal replica of Captain Nemo's car from the movie "The league of Extraordinary Gentlemen" Hand built and carved in n.c.

It is a replica of Nemo's Car from the movie "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". It was not screen used.

- It was built from two 1979 Cadillac Limousines, with a custom frame.
- It has a stock Cadillac 1979 425, about 200hp but over 400lbs of torque, which was what it needed.
- It has a turbo 400 tranny, a 1 ton GM rear end (had to use it to get the extra width).
- It's 100" wide and 23' long
- Weighs 7,500 lbs.

I designed the 4 way steering and it only uses one power steering pump. It works great and drives wonderfully, just can't see over the hood, hahaha I also did the interior myself, first one I have ever done. The seat frames are hand-made. I have a whole new respect for upholsterers now, for sure!