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1974 Dodge Monaco with a 440 - Bluesmobile Replica

Yes this is the exact model from the movie, with the exception of the interior color (Green vs. Tan / Brown). Everything was replicated as close to the movie car as possible.

Car History
Purchased from the Illinois Highway Patrol by the Township of Tamaroa, Illinois at around 60,000 miles. It was then sold to an individual who provided excavation services for the town and was then acquired by a gentleman in the demolition business. The town allowed the previous owners to drive the car fully equipped. They liked having the appearance of additional police protection.

The car was then put in storage for some period of time and was driven occasionally by the fourth owner. A police car collector living outside of Springfield, Illinois purchased the vehicle and made some improvements. He had five police cars at the time and his wife wanted her driveway back before the winter. So,,,,,,,,,,,,,, let's just say he was a motivated seller. I found the car on Ebay, worked out a deal and had the car shipped from Illinois in November 2001. Numerous repairs have been completed throughout the car since then. The car is in very good running condition considering its original use and origin. It has about 82,000 miles now.

Recently completed - A rebuilt 440 Engine was installed in the car replacing the original 400. Let's just say "It's got a lot of pickup".

What's next?
Restore the interior...........