Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

J.F. Launier’s 2014 Ridler Award Winning ’64 Buick Riviera we called “Rivision.”, blends parts from two distinctly different generations of Riviera (1964 & 1971). The coveted Ridler Award is given to the most creative and innovative custom car at the Detroit Autorama each year. His shop, JF Kustoms (in Osoyoos, British Colombia, Canada), is no stranger to Ridler Award competition, as three previous customer builds have reached the Great 8 in years past.

- Removed 18 inches of sheetmetal from the rear quarter panels
- Removed 10 inches behind the door and another 8 inches behind the rear wheel well
- The front wheel wells were moved three inches to the front to recover a bit of wheelbase
- Has a 6.2-liter, 850-horsepower Chevrolet V-8
- The rear window and boattail rear deck are from a 1971 Riviera
- The roof was modified to fit and loss of six inches in width and 14 inches in length
- Has a pair of twin turbochargers in the trunk area
- Has an oversize intake tube in the cockpit
- Roll cage hidden beneath a fabricated headliner
- Upholstery is wrapped in leather as well as the few visible parts of the roll cage (primarily near the footwells)
- The build is 2+2 seating, but rear passengers have to have short legs
- Over 20,000 hours of labor invested, along with $300,000 in parts and material