Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

Here is my 1923 Ford C Cab Sedan Delivery that I started building in 2012. The body and frame are products of Spirit Industries (www.spiritcars.com). The people at Spirit are a great bunch of people and very helpful if needed. The body and frame were shipped to me in a big crate and boxes. After I unpacked everything and made sure it was all there the fun started. It has been like building a full scale model car. I had a vision of how I wanted it to turn out and a list of parts needed to make it happen.

As the pile of parts started to become a hot rod I would sit in the garage and dream of what to do next. I had the 383ci Chevy small block with a Turbo 350 transmission that I had in my drag car sitting in the shop and figured what better combo to use than a proven winner. I have been upgrading this combo for years making it stronger and faster. I knew it would be perfect for a much lighter car than it was in. As most of you know making my wife understand this was not easy. She had seen my drag car wheelie high and go pretty fast. She knew this car was not going to weigh no where close to what the car did it came out of. The power to weight ratio was going to be perfect for this one.

As the rolling chassis came together I could see my dream come true right in front of my eyes. I had finished all of the wiring and plumbing so now it will run and drive. Still needing paint and interior it gets a lot of people talking. Most of them ask what it is because they have never seen anything like it.