Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

In 2007, my family and I watched the new Transformers movie opening night. As lifelong fans of the franchise we were blown away by the new vehicles; notably the Bumblebee Camaro. We have strived to create that magic; not only for us as fans but for other fans to enjoy as well. Although not a perfect replica, we incorporate aspects from the films such as the front fascia from the second film. The stripes are from the third movie to further enhance the wide aggressive stance of this Autobot. The interior is custom to mimic the movie interior in the second and third movies with orange and silver.

We think of ourselves not only as fans but as photo opportunists. We try to incorporate our Bumblebee into other popular areas. We are probably one of very few Bumblebees that has been photographed with two different Optimus Prime replicas, as well as Barricade and the classic Bumblebee Camaro. We have taken pictures at some filming locations from Transformers 4 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003); both by Michael Bay. We were able to photobomb Dale Jr's race car at an event. We grabbed a pic with the Cars 3 Promotional tour truck. We look for photos and opportunities.

Our Bumblebee has not only traveled the entire Route 66 from Chicago to LA, but we have worked charity events between Ohio and Texas as well as Comic Cons. When it is all said and done, we will look back at a lifetime of memories with this Transformer.

We are available for photo shoots, conventions, birthdays, proms and many other events. Send us a private message or email to inquire.

Bee sure to follow our journey at Facebook.com/Bumblebee.satx. Until then my friends, may we see you on the open road or even in your city.

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