Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

I have been wanting a DeLorean ever since I saw the first Back To The Future at the age of 7 in 1987. It was especially that scene when the DeLorean reversed out from the back of Doc Brown's Truck! I thought WOW what is that COOL stunning looking Sliver wedge shaped car? My parents told me that it was built here in Northern Ireland in Dunmurry. I was amazed and I didn't believe them at first.

I became interested in the local history with it being manufactured here, the man himself John DeLorean & the way the car was a year younger than I was. I fell in love with the sleek, low, wide design of the DMC-12 and "I wanted one”. At school I would draw the DMC logo my school jotter book covers.

When I grew order my DeLorean daydreams increased so I got involved with the DeLorean community here in Northern Ireland, I met Barrie Wills who had been in charge of ordering parts at the DeLorean Plant. I began looking for a DeLorean for sale and I inquired about one in Las Vegas. It was an 81 with black interior & wide stripe package. I was about to make to deal but the owner changed his mind about selling it . I was totally gutted because I was so close to buying it.

My fellow Stainless Steel Brother Lionel Gaum from South Africa told me of Jeff Danyluk's October 1981 DeLorean advertised for sale in Edmonton, Alberta. I had always been wanting one with a sound chassis, groved hood, lowered, grey interior, wide stripe package & Stainless Steel Exhaust. We made the deal after Jeff had answered all my questions about his car plus sending me photos and videos of VIN 5447.

Jeff agreed to sort out the transporting from Edmonton to Vancouver to London, and then I organized the transporter lorry to Lurgan County, Armagh, Northern Ireland. I started my own facebook page 'Timeless DeLorean Northern Ireland’ and also Twitter & Instagram not long after. There I shared my story about the where abouts of my dream car on its journey back to Northern Ireland plus I posted photos of how I was preparing for the arrival.

I'm originally from County Fermanagh and I work across the road from the old DeLorean Factory. I passed it every day and this is what made Jeff so keen to sell it to me — the fact I worked across the road from it's birthplace. The car arrived in London on the Gateway Docks on 17th December 2015 and Customs cracked open the container on the 29th. It was delivered to my house on John DeLorean's birthday on 6th January. It was prefect timing!

It was a dream come true seeing the low sleek Stainless Steel UFO-style automotive masterpiece arrive on the back of the flatbed lorry. I was just like a BIG kid at Christmas time AND on a Birthday waiting to open 'that present I always wanted’ . I had goosebumps and I felt so overwhelmed it felt like I was still dreaming. I was asked by the lorry driver did I want to reverse the DeLorean from off the trailer. I didn't answer I just jumped into the trailer & opened the gulling door. I had been waiting so so long for this moment ...from I was just 7 year's old! I was gonna do what Doc Brown did - reverse the DeLorean off the truck like in Twin Pines Mall!!

It was the best feeling ever. Dreams really do come true & prayers really can be answered.

My four year old daughter was jumping up and down shouting "Daddy's DeLorean is here Mummy!!!". My wife was standing there holding the buggy with my son Zach a year old on 30th January he's named after John 'Zachary' DeLorean.

Jeff Danyluk and I kept in touch with each other via Facebook and email throughout the DeLorean's long journey. I have sent him photos and video's of the DeLorean here in it's new home back in Northern Ireland. I'm planning to attending DeLorean Eurofest 2016 this May as it is taking place in Belfast. I'm really looking forward to driving 5447 around the factory proving track because it'll be its first time back around the track since October 1981. I'm not planning on hiding my DeLorean. I'm gonna do special events such as weddings etc with it.

I'm still pinching myself that I'm a owner of a automotive masterpiece, a Star Car and local history on wheels.